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New Year! New oppertunitys

Vinstance, Jan 21, 11 2:54 AM.
Hello and happy new year my friends :)

its a new year and a new time to do some good and kick some ass ^^

im hoping this year will be eaven better than the last year ;D

there is a 2.5 patch inc somtime in the future that will give us the max possible members of 150 ^^ it will be awsome :D new cloak that i actualy like personaly ^^

i allso hope that we will meet manny new members and get a legion of full active ppl :)
imagen having 40 ppl+ online at anny given time :D (all nice ppl like us ofc)
whod be awsome imo :)

allso there will be added 2 new ranks to the legion rank system :) so there will be 1 leader rank, 1 officer rank, 1 trusted/longtime member rank, 1 normal member rank and 1 "on trail" rank :)

this will make it easyer and mutch better for us all ;D

keep finding friends to invite :D if u know a great person dont be afraid to ask them :) and eaven if we have 90/90 members il kick some ;D hehe

the dream is ofc to have (whit the new patch) 150/150 main chars in Silverwing so we have 150 diff ppl in the legion and Bronzewing will be filled whit alts ^^ and have around 5 officers in the Goldwing legion :)
now that whod ROCK!! :D <3

stay gaming and stay silverwing :D <3 its the best you can be :P hehe!

starting to get high lvls now so we can do high lvl stuff, we have in lvl 55 for Beshmindur temple (end game instance):

Templar : (spot open) (Ereza step in)
Cleric : Bio
Sorc : (spot open)
Ranger : Sookie
DPS : Ereza
Chanter : (spot open)

when we have that we will do legion runs in the endgame instance  :D <3 <3 will be awsome! (i know all tacts so i think we will be allright ;D)

for Udas we allredy have a full one :

Templar : Mochi
Cleric : Bio
Sorc : Medi
Chanter : margo
Ranger : Sookie
DPS : Ereza

we need more teams :D <3

will make a Forum hot topic that comtains manny diff teams and signup for planned groups :)

and il work lots on the forum makink lots of changes, and i will allso upgrade it so we dont have a a set number of posts we can do :) but for that i will need some help whit the money, will cost $45.00 each 6 months ;P

thats all for now :)

so lets get this show on tha road!! LONG LIVE SILVERWING!! <3 :D you are my home :)
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